December 6, 2019

Subject:AI&Robotics seminar, Prof. Oliver BrockHost Dr. ing. Jens Kober

We are pleased to invite you to attend the High Tea seminar:

Thursday January 16th 2019,15.30-16.30
3mE-Collegezaal D (James Watt) Faculty 3ME

High Tea buffet open from 15.00

*Please forward this invitation to interested students and employees

Conquering Intelligence by Combining Types of Computation


Artificial intelligence is en vogue, mostly due to excitement about deep learning. Even researchers that study “real” (natural) intelligence are attracted to it. And, undeniably, deep learning has triggered fundamental progress in many disciplines. But can its success extend to a fundamental understanding of intelligence? I will argue that a narrow conceptualization of computation - no matter whether it is neural, deep, statistical, algorithmic, etc. - is impeding our progress towards understanding and replicating natural intelligence. Evolution produced intelligence by combining many different types of computation. We must consider that in any attempt to understand natural intelligence. And we must do the same to produce artificial intelligence. To convince you of this, I will present work from my group towards understanding aspects of intelligence that is based on different conceptualizations of computation.

Oliver Brock is the Alexander-von-Humboldt Professor of Robotics in the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the Technische Universität Berlin, a German "University of Excellence". He received his Ph.D. from Stanford University in 2000 and held postdoctoral positions at Rice University and Stanford University. He

was an Assistant and Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Massachusetts Amherst before moving back to Berlin in 2009. The research of Brock's lab, the Robotics and Biology Laboratory, focuses on robot intelligence, mobile manipulation, interactive perception, grasping, manipulation, soft material robotics, interactive machine learning, deep learning, motion generation, and the application of algorithms and concepts from robotics to computational problems in structural molecular biology. Oliver Brock directs the Research Center of Excellence "Science of Intelligence". He is an IEEE Fellow and was president of the Robotics: Science and Systems Foundation from 2012 until 2019.

We are looking forward to see you all on January 16th

Kind regards,

Karin van Tongeren
Secretary Robotics Institute

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