The RB laboratory is equipped with a 6-axis KUKA robot, sensor-actuators, and powerful computers. Design to Robotic Production and Operation (D2RP&O) workshops held in the lab are aimed at integrating different modes and methods of robotic production and operation into computational design processes in order to explore and multi-materiality in architectural building systems.

Robotic Building exploits emergent results from interactions between human and non-human agents not only at design and production level but also at building operation level, wherein users and environmental conditions contribute to the emergence of multiple architectural configurations. In this context, design becomes process- instead of object-oriented, use of space becomes time- instead of program- or function-based, which implies that architects design increasingly processes, while users operate multiple time-based architectural configurations (Bier and Knight, 2014) emerging from the same physical space that may physically or sensorially reconfigure in accordance to environmental and user specific needs.



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