1 Sep - 2016 (Last edit: 28 Nov - 2016)

TU Delft Robotics Institute and the faculty Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science offer from this study year 2016/2017 an Honours Class Next Generation Robotics for First Year Bachelor Students.

This honours class (max. 15 students), is an interdisciplinary extra programme (30 EC) and meant for excellent, talented and motivated students who have the ambition to become future leaders in research/development of the Next Generation Robots. Students from Aerospace Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Information Science, Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Design Engineering can apply for this class. For more information, download this document.

Important dates:

Application open:
From 1 to 10 December

10 December (24:00)

Interviews with selected candidates:
20 December

Results interviews:
21 December

Compulsary start weekend honours class:
11 and 12 February 2017

Selection critera and procedure:

List with grades V.W.O. (high school)
OSIRIS overview with exam results first quarter
A motivation letter (max. 2 A-4), where you describe your experience and ambitions:

  • describe your experience in the past with making a robot
  • describe your experience with solving complex problems in a team
  • describe examples that prove you are goal-oriented and have the perseverance to achieve your goals.
  • describe robot applications that inspire you.
  • describe your motivation and ambitions to make a difference in Robotics Next generation.

A recommendation letter from a teacher of your high school

Send your application to the faculty honours coordinators:

AE: Aldert Kamp - LR A.Kamp@tudelft.nl and Diana Flohr - LR A.W.F.Flohr@tudelft.nl
EE: Joanna Daudt J.P.R.B.Daudt@tudelft.nl
TI: Joanna Daudt J.P.R.B.Daudt@tudelft.nl
3mE: Wim Buijs - 3ME W.Buijs@tudelft.nl and Judith de Kruijf - 3ME J.deKruijf@tudelft.nl
IO: : Stefan van de Geer - IO S.G.vandeGeer@tudelft.nl and Sylvia Mooij - IO S.C.Mooij@tudelft.nl

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