Honours Class Next Generation Robotics (NGR)

Robotics is a multi- and interdisciplinary engineering domain. The creation of innovative robots needs high level research in all disciplines involved. It is a “mission” in which top level engineers of these disciplines work closely together. Currently, the TU Delft does not offer bachelor programmes with this “mission” scope. Forecasts indicate that industry will increasingly need these broadly educated and mission driven engineers. The TU Delft Robotics community, united within the Robotics Institute, wants to attract excellent and motivated students to this mission driven group as soon as possible, by offering them a challenging robotics programme, named Next Generation Robotics (NGR) within the broader framework of the BSc Honours programme of TU Delft.

More information for students who want to join the Next Generation Honours Class can be found on the NGR Honours Class website on the Honours Programme Bachelor Website.

NGR Honours Class updates

Check back here regularly for updates on the Next Generation Robotics Honours Class achievements!

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