Delft University of Technology offers the following minors:

The Minor Robotics is a 5-month educational program for third year BSc students of Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Design, Computer Science, and Electrical Engineering.

Students follow multidisciplinary courses, and work in multidisciplinary teams to design, build, and program mobile robots with manipulation capabilities.

Click here fore the Minor Robotics 2016 - 2017 Projects.

The minor Advanced Prototyping is a 5 month educational programme for TU Delft BSc students (mainly Architecture and Industrial Design).

Through course work and practical projects, students learn to work with, and design for, rapid prototyping machines, or 3D printers in other words.

The minor Interactive Environments is a 5 month educational programme about ubiquitous computing on an architectural scale for TU Delft BSc students.

The course structure is built around a group project assignment of an interactive social space, consisting of autonomously operating intelligent building components and smart products.

The minor Electrical Engineering for Autonomous Exploration Robots is a 5-month educational programme for technical BSc students (excluding Electrical Engineers).

Through course work and practical projects, students learn to program FPGA's, extract solar energy, and control stepper motors for Mars rovers.

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