Minor Robotics

General information

The Minor Robotics is a 5-month educational program for third year BSc students of Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Industrial Design, Computer Science, and Electrical Engineering from Delft University of Technology. A team of students from all above disciplines (to make sure they cover all knowledge needed in robotics) are working on building a robot for a customer.

Students follow multidisciplinary courses, and work in multidisciplinary teams to design, build, and program robots for customers. During the first months of the minor the students will focus on taking courses outside their own discipline (for example, the Industrial Design student will learn about programming and electronics, while a Computer Science student will learn about statics and prototyping). But they will also work on the design of their robot in close collaboration with the customer.

The last months will be dedicated full time on building the robot and ends with a demo together with all other teams from the Minor Robotics.

Together with the potential customer we formulate a possible project for the students. This needs to be a robotics project in which all disciplines of the students are needed. Please have a look at the examples from previous years.

After the selection of the students (which will be the top ranked students selected on motivation and grades) the students choose which project they would like to do from the possible projects. This also means that your project might not be selected. Teams are then formed based on the engagement of the student with the project.

  • We charge €10.000,- (ex VAT) per project. €7.000,- as a contribution to the cost of coaching and input from top researchers from Delft University of Technology, and €3.000,- for the students to buy hardware for the project to build the prototype.
  • What to expect: A motivated multidisciplinary 5-6 students team developing a robotics prototype in 5 months
  • What not no expect: A fully working product.
  • Interested? Please contact the coordinator of the minor (Martin Klomp,, and we can try to formulate a project. We expect you to also guide the students in their process of getting the requirements.
  • Next minor: September 2024 until January 2025


July 1st Deadline project description
August 1stSelection of projects based on students' interest
September (first week)Kick-off with students, customers and staff
January (end)Demoday

General Robotics Minor (sept-jan)

Please visit the Robotics Minor pages to get a general overview what kind of projects to expect, or the studyguide (opleidingtype 'minor', opleiding 'Minors Werktuigbouwkunde’) for a more detailed description of the courses and what to expect.

Robotics in 'Vrije Minor' (feb-june)

As of 2020 you can also do parts of this minor as a 'vrije minor'. In this version you are able to work in a multidisciplinairy team on a robotic system for a customer. There will also be some mandatory courses especially designed for the proces of building a robot. This totals to around 21ECTS. The other ECTSs should be filled with robotics related courses. Please have a look at the requirements of your faculty. We will pilot this version as of Febuary 2020. Please note that you should ask permission of your exam-committee in advance. For questions about the courses and projects please email:

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