Minor Robotics 2018 - 2019

Indepth Dredging - Team 4

Here a image of our movement prototype is shown. This prototype is created with the help of an Arduino which is linked to a ROS node, that operates the prototype. (Note the different amphirolls, we have decided we also wanted to test the effect of a different pitch on the rolls).

For the movement on the underwater floor we have decided on using amphirolls. Here you can see two rolls which we have 3D-printed to test the working properties with a prototype.

In 2012 Natuurmonumenten started a project to restore the Markermeer and create the Marker Wadden, which is an artificial island group located in the Markermeer. This island group is created with the help of the silt from the bottom of the Markermeer.
This is where Boskalis, one of the largest dredging companies of the world, steps in. Natuurmonumenten asked Boskalis to come up with a solution to automate the relocation of the silt. Since Boskalis uses large dredging ships to remove silt from the bottom of waterways and the mobilization of such ships is rather costly and time consuming, Indepth Dredging has been assigned the task to design and develop a robotic solution.
We are going to create an autonomous robotic system that will be able to remove and relocate the silt from the bottom of the Markermeer to a dumping location, from where the silt is pumped to an artificial island. Note that the system will only be concerned with relocation of silt, not the creation of an artificial island.

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