Minor Robotics 2018 - 2019

Team 5: Algae Removing Vessel

This summer, the Dutch waters were widely inhabited by an unwanted visitor: Blue-green algae (Blauwalg). These micro-organisms clump together in the morning to form a gross green gooey mess. The algae, or cyanobacteria to be more accurate, is highly toxic and hinder the practice of water related activities. Not only within the Netherlands do we suffer from these tiny creatures. Blue-green algae is a world wide problem.

Employed by the company Deltares, we from Blooming Robotics are tasked to solve this dilemma. We are working to create an autonomous vessel that will traverse contaminated water bodies and scoop up the layer of algae that drifts on top. For more information, please visit our website: https://bloomingrobotics.nl

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