Minor Robotics 2018 - 2019

Team 6: Automated Coffee Corner

Dorst. Robotics has been tasked by the Science Center, the technology museum of the TU Delft, to automate their coffee corner. The goal of this project is to make ordering a drink an experience in line with the other exhibits in the museum, meaning it should be fun and educational.

Dorst. Robotics consists of:
  • Joris Kuiper - Project Manager & Mechanical Engineering Student
  • Ashley Hemerik - Chief of Design & Industrial Design Student
  • Per Knops - Chief Software Engineering & Computer Science Student
  • Matthijs Halvemaan - Treasurer, Chief Embedded Systems & Computer Science Student
  • Quinten van Wingerden - Chief Electronics & Electrical Engineering Student
  • Maarten ten Voorde - Chief Mechanical Engineering & Mechanical Engineering Student

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