Team bHive has been asked by the TU delft's MAVLab to create a portable drone show that helps put drones and autonomous aerial vehicles in a more positive light. The MAVlab (or Micro Air Vehicle lab) researches new ways to use and build different types of unmanned flying vehicles. They have created many new use-cases for autonomous drones, but they have noticed that the new developments are not always widely met with great excitement. People tend to be scared of drones and autonomous robots.

The team takes inspiration from a swarm of bees to create a self contained “bHive” from which drones can be deployed autonomously to begin the show. Part of the assignment was to make use Ultra Wide Beacons provided by the MAVLab to further the technology. These beacons will assist the drones in communication, as well as localization. The team is developing their own drones, combining off the shelf parts with self-made components to create a lightweight, agile and low cost aerial vehicle. The “hive” or deployment enclosure will also be developed by the team.

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