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TU Delft Robo Demo Team

We are looking for Teaching Assistants for Robo Demo Team!
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Over the last decade, TU Delft has seen immense growth in the number of cutting-edge robots developed by various faculties, research labs, and student teams. Over time it has become increasingly more difficult for media, press, the general public, researchers, and students to contact multiple robots in his/her field of interest or just explore the possibilities for the industry or personal interest. The TU Delft Robo Demo Team aims to tackle this problem by playing an active part in the robotic community on campus to bring research to people in various outreaching ways.

TU Delft Demo Robo Team works with researchers, labs, and student teams to bring their best and latest research to the people and present TU Delft's vision for research and industrial collaboration in the field of robotics. The demo team will also demonstrate the robots as this is the best to tell a story about its development and applications!

TU Delft Robo Demo Team, in collaboration with TU Delft Robotics Institute and Science Centre Delft, will accomplish its goals in two main ways:

  • Exhibitions of robots:
    • A permanent display at the New Delft Science Centre (from 2022)
    • Multiple temporary exhibitions across The Netherland
  • Tours, custom suited to your needs (booking open from Sep 2021):
    • Demonstrate robots capabilities at the New Delft Science Centre (from 2022) & temporary exhibitions.
    • Demonstrate robots capabilities and meet the researchers at various labs across the Delft Campus.
  • Time period: 6 months
  • Number of open positions: 4
  • Max Hours/Week: 8 (flexible)
  • Start date: 20 June 2021

  • Job Description:
    • Setup and exhibit robot demos at various locations
    • Perform demonstrations of the robots for different groups of all ages
    • Operate and maintain robots
    • Manage booking system for tours of robotic labs on campus
    • Promote demos events on social media platforms

  • Skills required:
    • Flexible in availability and employability
    • Fluent in English and/or Fluent in Dutch
    • Proactive attitude
    • Social, you like teaching other people about robotics

Deadline: 15th June 2021
Submission: Please send your CV and motivation (maximum words of 500) to

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