The Haptics Lab consists of several researchers affiliated with the Department of BioMechanical Engineering, Faculty of 3mE.

The Haptics Lab envisions a future where humans and machines interact in an intuitive and efficient way, to help solve the many challenges in transport, energy and cure & care that we currently face. The Haptics Lab believes that our ability to physically interact with the environment has been neglected in many human-machine interfaces, and aims to engineer novel haptic interaction to keep humans comfortably in control. Sharing control through haptics (physical interaction) is the Haptic Lab’s approach to engineer such interfaces.

The mission of the Haptics Lab is to understand how humans use forces when performing dynamic control tasks, and use that knowledge to help improve physical interaction with machines. Their goal toward this mission is to conduct research and provide education in human-machine interaction. Through close collaboration with companies, the Haptics Lab strives to accelerate the development of fundamental research-to-market applications.

To enable its activities, the Delft Haptics Lab has generated its own funding through collaborations with (inter)national companies such as Nissan and Boeing, as well as through highly competitive research grants from the Dutch Science Foundation (NWO-STW). The lab is headed by associate professor David A. Abbink, and its members have received multiple awards for education and research.



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