7 Mar - 2016 (Last edit: 23 Jan - 2017)

People live busy lives nowadays. Because of this it can be difficult to fall asleep when it’s (far past) bedtime. Students of the TU Delft minor Robotics made a robot to help people with this. Sleep-robot Somnox is huggable, monitors your sleep patterns, promotes restful breathing, and wakes you up in the morning with a pleasant light and sound.

Somnox doesn’t come with buttons, and is controlled by an app. The app allows you to adjust the alarm, amount of movement and even lets you sync your favourite song. In turn, Somnox can interact with the user due to its built in sensors and actuators.

Click here, if you’re interested to learn more about Somnox.

Watch the enclosed video to follow Somnox from concept to finished product:

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