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Swarm Robotics


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Swarm Robotics

INSY en IBM accelerate robot research

30 Nov - 2016

Interactive Robots

Zebro suitable for serial production

23 Oct - 2017

Swarm Robotics

RoboBoat student team heads to Florida

14 Jun - 2018


14 Jun - 2018

Netherlands L’Oréal-Unesco For Women in Science Rising Talent Prizes 2021

8 Jan - 2021

Kick-off meeting on 7th April marked the official start of the Rhizome project to be implemented with partners from TUD, ESA, and Vertico.

13 Apr - 2021

Collaboration between BK, CiTG, EWI, 3ME on automated and Human-Robot Interaction supported Design-to-Robotic-Assembly

15 Feb - 2022

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